Welcome to Speech & Hearing

Our Speech and Hearing Center offers evaluation and treatment for individuals experiencing problems with articulation (mispronunciation of sounds), fluency (stuttering), hearing, language (child language impairment or recovering of language from stroke or other brain trauma), and voice (hoarse or strained voice) as well as hearing aid fitting and dispensing.

Parent training is offered for those who want to learn how to facilitate their children's speech and language development at home. The Center's staff includes certified and licensed speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

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Why to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

If you've had your hearing aids for several years, you may be due for an update. Older technology or changes in your hearing may result in a hearing experience that’s more frustrating than it has to be. If you experience any of the following, it may be time to consider an upgrade:

1. Your hearing aid is noisy and does not have clear sound quality

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