Why to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

If you’ve had your hearing aids for several years, you may be due for an update. Older technology or changes in your hearing may result in a hearing experience that’s more frustrating than it has to be. If you experience any of the following, it may be time to consider an upgrade:

1. Your hearing aid is noisy and does not have clear sound quality

2. Your hearing aids buzz, whistle or give feedback

3. You have trouble hearing speech in noisy situations

4. You have trouble hearing on the phone

5. Your hearing aids are not working as well as they used to

6. Using your hearing aids are more tiring than they used to be

7. New digital technology has eliminated many common frustrations and made it less tiring to hear.

8.If you’d like less obvious hearing aids Hearing aid technology has not only become more advanced, it’s smaller and more discreet. Today’s hearing aids are much less obvious, designed with colors that better match your hair or skin tone. And some are designed to be completely invisible in your ear canal.