My child is inattentive, does he have a hearing loss?

Following checklist may help the parents to identify hearing-impaired child. The symptoms are:
1. The child may speak too loudly or too softly.
2. He may put T.V. or radio at high volume.
3. The child may use lot of signs while speaking.
4. He may not like to play with other children of his group, as he can not actively participate in communication with his friends.
5. The child may be using only few words, and may not be able to speak meaning full sentences.
6. He may not respond if being called from the other room.
7. He may respond inconsistently and in appropriately.
8. The child may prefer lip reading (Speech reading) to listening. That means child prefers to talk face to face, and likes to look at the face of the speaker very closely while talking.
9. He may have faulty speech, like child may say tup for cup, old for cold. This kind of articulation errors lead to unintelligible speech. Only his immediate family members can understand him but not all.
10. The child may have difficulty paying attention for long time. He will not be able to do focus listening.

If such symptoms occur consistently, then it is advisable to refer this child for the formal hearing test.