Why do people reject hearing aids?

There may be several reasons why people reject hearing aids. Fortunately recent surveys indicate most people like their hearing aids and are very satisfied with them. Unfortunately hearing aid has negative connotation. Below is a listing of just a few reasons why hearing aids may be rejected.

For one who does not think there is a problem, there is no cure. What some people frequently forget is how important our hearing is to the quality of our lives. As the ability to hear diminishes, so does the ability to communicate. Many people live their lives with insecurity and slowly remove themselves from friends and family to avoid being embarrassed.

Size and Appearance
Some people are concerned about the stigma of wearing large hearing aids because they feel that it might portray an idea of disability or aging. Now there are smaller sizes of hearing aids that make this concern less traumatic for the person.

Currently we have in-the-canal (ITC) instruments and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) instruments. The CIC hearing aids are difficult to see in normal social settings. The ITC hearing aids are a little larger and can be seen fitted just over the entrance to the ear canal.

Poor Advice
Some people may give you their own personal advice about hearing aids whether you asked for it or not. Some may even inform you that hearing aids do not work. Regrettably, these few people vocalize their opinions the loudest. With better technology in hearing aids, there is significant improvement in the quality of life. Keep in mind, however, that even people with normal hearing have difficulty communicating in loud noisy environments.

Investment In Your Quality Of Life
Finally, quality hearing aids are not inexpensive. Hearing aids should be considered an investment in your health and quality of life. The cost of one hearing aid ranges from Rs. 10,900/- to Rs. 2,00,000/- . Factors such as digital processing, size and individual needs, life style, challenging acoustic environment are considerations that determine what a hearing aid would cost to an individual.